Friday, March 5, 2010



Hi Lola,

Do me a solid and tell your mom O W thank you for her and your dad's thank you video to me. It was sweet and I cherish it.

I want you to take a quick look at the link below. This was shot by me yesterday in Barbate, Spain not far from where I live.

Lola please tell your mom that, imo, she should never ever do a commercial for any product or service. It is not the way to accomplish what I believe will ultimately bring her professional satisfaction. If she hadn't already fired her dumb ass manager I would suggest that he should be let go now for ill advise and lack of consciousness. Any one in her life professionally who supports her commercial exposure should be terminated. They are harmful to her.

OW does not need to do commercials. They destroy the magic that an artist needs to evolve. They will not help her blossom as a creative force.

Lola, as you and I both know, life is like an iceberg, the part above water is very miniscule compared to that which is below. And the below part is energy and magic. As an artist, not a celebrity, not a shilling for the man piece of meat, but as an artist the part below surface is enormous. This is a delicate structure that is massively strong and powerful on one hand and very fragile and delicate on the other. When you take money (energy) for endorsing a product (no matter the product, good bad or neutral) you are no longer an artist, you are selling your fame. Fame is an unfortunate side effect of your artistic creation. Fame should be down played, not over played. Fame is a two headed rattle snake, best to be avoided.

Art can heal and save this world. Fame is bullshit and will consume every part of you and aid in the destruction of the earth.

It is always the same. It is always a seduction. And how many times have I heard "but it was 750k for one day of work!". Lola, both your mom and dad are extremely wealthy, both materially and metaphysically. They do not need more $$$ so badly that they need to sell their soul for it. Sex sells and young vibrant women are exploited 24/7/365 to sell crap all over this fr*ck up planet. If you are not part of the solution you are...

Oh Lola, as an artist one can continue to evolve for a lifetime of experience and wonderment. As a CeleBraty one can if lucky end up as a judge on American Idle.

Lola, you are a good ole dog. Take care of Tao and OW for me, I wish I could be of more assistance. Let them know that i keep them in my thoughts and i send them strong intentions for their success and joyousness.

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