Monday, November 23, 2009


Cash For Clunkers.

Yea that sounds great. We give you 2500 dollar credit for your worthless car and you sign up for five to seven years of debt on a new car at 10 percent interest. Yea you really need a new 20,000 dollar car and another 10,000 in interest payments over the life of the loan.

Is the government working for you or the banks?

How did we ever arrive at the place where it is normal practice to get something now and pay for it later?

Why not save your money and then buy a car. Once you have that car, save a little money for the 10 years you are driving it so you will have the money to buy a new car when you need it.

How did Americans get sold such a scheme to not only have to pay for the things they need but to pay an added charge on top for everything. And some of those charges (30% interest on credit cards) can add up with enough time to exceed the actual worth of what was originally purchased.

Being in debt must be like living in Hell. Owing money on things you bought in the past must be like being a slave. A modern day nation of slaves.

How did we become so fooled?

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