Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Freedom Garden Vegetables Are Served

Last night Hollywood Royalty attended Obama's first White House State Dinner. Hm mm, sounds cool. Did you get an invitation? Me neither.

All Presidents do this and it is normally a time for the entire nation to enjoy, vicariously, such a glamorous event. I am sure we are all too young to have experienced the Kennedy State Dinners. The entire nation felt in on the celebration. They felt included.

Why does this one seem to be held almost in secret? Why is the guest list so closely guarded? Why do most Americans feel left out? Under G.W. Bush, sure we understood that.

IMO: With nearly 1/5 (U6 unemployment rate) of Americans out of or in need of more work this type of event is in bad taste. Is this the time and place for the wealthy, strong and advantaged of our country to get together and pat themselves on the back? Serving vegetables from the White House garden almost sounds like a "Let Them Eat Cake" moment when 49 million Americans are now officially classified as "lacking in necessary daily calories". Mrs Obama planting the garden last Spring was kind of cool and sent a great massage to a nation in need of hope and direction. Having the white gloved staff harvest it and serve it to 400 Hollywood Fat Cats seems kind of out of touch with the pain of a nation in crisis.

If all the Big Shots from Hollywood were working hard to keep their names out of the press, I wonder how many Banksters and Wall Street Thugs were in attendance. We probably will never know.

This all happens on the eve of President Obama announcing to ESCALATE the WAR in Afghanistan.

State Dinner serves big helpings of State Secrets.

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