Monday, November 30, 2009

Surge, Here We Come

Why Is Obama Continuing Bush Policy?

Bush made a mess of the world. He was an idiot controlled by evil greedy power hungry Neanderthals (think Dick Cheney).

I voted, campaigned for and donated to Barack Obama For President so that he would bring Change to Washington. Change being from what Bush had been up to.

Banks, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, The Treasury Department. No Change we got Bush II

Now Afghanistan. Why not just get out. Now. What does he think he can accomplish there? Armin Karzid is a drug running thug, another man Bush looked into the eyes of and saw his soul. Why continue this ridicules dance?

The old school military industrial complex has got Obama by his short hairs. Shades of Lyndon Johnson. Why are we, the American people, letting the Taliban dictate the frame of our engagement. Who the frack! are they. So they harbored some bad people who plotted against us. We need to grow up and deal with it. They are not going to come swimming accross the Atlantic and rush our shores and eat our young. They are nobodies unless we stupidly choose to make them into somebodies. A weak enemy loves and stupid foe.

The end never justifies the means. Killing is bad. Killing bad people is bad too. Americans have no, absolute no, justification to kill people in Afghanistan at this cross road in the scenario. Who will benefit from the escalation in this war? People who sell war products. Look into it, you may be surprised at who is making money on this...hey do you own a mutual fund, maybe in you IRA? Well, you too can make some extra retirement scratch from this killing field.

Change You Can Believe in means change, dummy. Unless it really is 1984 again.

Talk about double speak....

What happened to Peace Love and Understanding?

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