Friday, November 27, 2009

Ballon Boy Finds Spiritual Mom & Dad

Michaele and Tareq Salahi crash the White House State Dinner

For almost nine years we have been subjected to extraordinary measures to assure our security. Take off your shoes, no you can not bring a pen knife on board, no liquids are allowed.

OK. We were doing this to insure our safety. How many millions, billions, of collective hours have been wasted checking our bodies for things that are not there. Well, it is for the greater good.

OK. After the complete melt down of our financial system and the Banksters high jacking of our government we thought well at least these officials know how to protect us. Security.

OK. It is time to batten down the hatches on the eve of Obama declaring an unprecedented escalation of the war on Arabia, in Afghanistan. Our best of the best will be there to protect us.

And then two nincompoops, waltz into the first State Dinner and "hang out" with the powers that be. Classic are the photographs of these two reality show hopefuls with, Rahm Emanuel, The Marine Guard and V.P. Joe Biden (twice).

How did these two celebrity wannabes, veritable nut cases, get within a few inches of The President? They shook his hand...

The spin doctors are now saying: "Hey nothing to worry about, they were scanned and had no weapons on them." If you are a trained assassin aren't your hands lethal weapons...?

How much more incompetent do our leaders have to be for us to wake up?

What will make the sheeple stand up?

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