Friday, November 27, 2009

Ghoul man Sucks

Hank Paulson Bailed Out AIG to Save Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs big wigs will be getting million dollar bonuses this Christmas.

You, if you are lucky will be getting Zhu Zhu pets.

Goldman Sachs received 16 billion dollars from the AIG bailout.

You, if you are lucky will see your great grand children pay back the borrowed money from those bailouts.

Goldman Sachs borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank at near 0% interest.

You, if you are lucky will be able to borrow money for those Zhu Zhu pets at near 30% interest.

Why does Goldman Sachs get the goodies and you get a lump of coal? Because they are doing the work of God and you are just a mere mortal living in their world. So stop whining and have the decency to be thankful to them for allowing you to play with the mechanical hamsters.

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