Thursday, December 24, 2009


Sites To See

Hi A,

It was nice to meet you last night. It was a delicious dinner with good company.

Here are some web sites the you may find to be of interest:

1) The English version of France 24, the 24 french news service. It is good and free -

(on the upper right of the page is a icon for 'Live' - click that)

2) isohunt is a p2p file sharing site that is very reliable and safe (read the comments before downloading, if there are problems the community will point them out) and easy to use -

3) In order to download a file (audio, video, game or text) you need a program installed on your computer that will "take" the file and place in on your hard drive. Sounds complicated but really you do nothing, it does it all. The following is one of the best such programs and it is very easy to install and it is free -

(on the upper right hand of the page click on the icon that says: "download vuze" - you only need the basic version, no need to pay for anything)

Once you have installed VUZE, then you are ready to download any file from anywhere on the web.

4) if you like documentaries the following site might hold some interest for you -

5) if you like small more eclectic independent type films this site could be good -

6) if you like free books -

7) if you are in need of a laugh you might find it here -

I just looked at your website,#@* Homes. It is a really well done site. I would be interested to discuss property with you whenever you have sometime to spare.



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