Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sad and Lonely

The Needs Of TV

Will Sasso You know what TV needs? A show about a clairvoyant that sees crimes before they happen... but doesn't give a shit. Where's my fucking money?
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Rob Hruska Where's your fucking -- oh, wait.
Jonathan Layes ms.swan?....ya i saw mon...he do bad thing...yaaaaa...

Meleni Lourdes Muniz You're a genius.

Shelley Brodie Nelson
I see.... dead people. Let's go to Taco Bell.

Cinder Rothschild I might actually watch that. Wait - can I audition for the role of the hack partner/retired cop who smokes weed and beats on rowdy bar patrons just for fun?

Rob Hruska You know what TV needs? A show about a plane that crashes on an island, and everyone is stranded, and weird shit happens and there's some black smoke monster. Where's my fucking money?!?

Doug Limpwerst that's gay

Blade Rogers somebody just got raped and stabbed to death.....he's running back to house to wash off the blood...he sitting down and running away to south america.......lets go grab a brew its on me...wheres my fuckin money

Darren Elmore "thats gay"? What grade are you in?

Arthur Imparato you know what TV needs? a show about real people doing reel things to real people. in nature. like on a prairie. yea a whittle hut on de" Modern Family" only with animals and stuff...and with a little bit of "Damages" thrown in with running mascara and torn nylons. Hey "Bored to Death" meets "Californication" meets "Flashforward". Ouch...i just crapped me pants...where's my fracking scratch?
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