Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Are What We Eat

Mara Bagott Parker Has not had a working microwave for nearly two weeks. Lord, it's like living in the dark ages!

Arthur Imparato i have never used a microwave

Mara Bagott Parker You haven't lived until you've coked a bag of popcorn in less than four minutes

Mara Bagott Parker Ooops...cooked

Arthur Imparato i cook pop corn on the stove top in about six minutes...

Mara Bagott Parker Yes, but those are two minutes I just can't spare:)

Arthur Imparato true true

Samantha Romaine how would I heat up day old coffee during finals week at your house? (kidding... it's really tea :D)

Lisa Haywood-Vann go buy a new one...?

Mara Bagott Parker Sam, guess you'd be making lots of starbucks runs or drinking it iced. Lisa (smartass) I would buy a new one, but the expensive, bulit-in micro that I have caught on fire. I think the company should stand behind their product and replace it free of charge. The repair guy is coming out tomorrow to take a look at it. Hoping they will give me a new one and little extra for pain and suffering. Do you know how long it takes to defrost a chicken without a microwave?? Days!

Lisa Haywood-Vann love ya babe!!

Mara Bagott Parker ya too, Lisa!

Arthur Imparato you may want to use this opportunity to get out of the microwave world. there are many research articles you can read (just google microwaves) but the bottom line is that the manner in which the food is heated destroys elements of food that are very needed. A few extra minutes could add up to a much healthier life in the future. Here is a simple article that may benefit you if you can spare 10 minutes to read it:

Bonnie Stinchcomb I felt the same way when our washer went out on us after 14 years. Handwashing clothes like a settler down by the rocks is not my thing.

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