Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Do It

Talk About Bad Timing

Obviously this cover was shot months ago and who could have foreseen the recent events in the on going story of Mr. Woods' woody.

Ten tips indeed. Number one has got to be - don't leave voice mail telling your mid-night booty call to erase your name from her mobile phone directory...why? Because voice mail is a recording of your voice and when you say "hey, hi it's Tiger..." - that kind of makes it hard for you to lie your way out of the jam.

Should Nike drop Tiger? Yes and they should do it fast unless they want almost two decades of brand build out to come to signify - Just Do It...ha ha hahaha.

I would think that Michele Obama may not want her husband joining Tiger on any wife unsupervised future golf outings...

The downside of celebrity - icon to joke in one week:

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