Thursday, December 24, 2009

Less Is More

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

We all need to consume less. Less of everything. The earth is heating up at a rapid rate and many changes are already happening world wide. I recently read an article on the MSNBC web site about the latest must have toys for wealthy Americans. Bowling alley. Indoor shooting range. Professional size indoor basketball court. Media rooms. How much raw materials and energy is expended by the creation of these things. A bowling alley was once built and used for entire small town. Now for one individual. The ecological cost iof these vanity toys is huge. When will we grow up? What makes people so self centered and selfish?

Americans consume way too much energy. They are currently the primary source for the causes of gobal warming. And now this: indoor professional basketball courts, indoor firing ranges, 200,000 dollar car condos to store extra vehicles. You might say, hey if they can afford it, why not. Well they are not paying for the damage that they are doing to the earth. If they did maybe a 60,000 dollar Humvee would cost 600,000 dollars. Is it right for people to install a bowling alley in there own home?

(The above is something I wrote in 2006...hmmm perhaps there are not so many bowling alleys being built in private homes in 2010)

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