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arthur.i Says:

I am not sure why but something about this ipad seems wrong. Why would I carry it around? I still would need my mobile phone and most likely my laptop. The kindle reader is great to read books but I don’t carry it with me where ever I go. When I leave the house everyday I put a tiny little cell phone in my pocket and with that I am in touch with my world completely. It weighs 30 grams maybe. I don’t take my laptop with me everywhere. Why would I? It is too big and I don’t really need it at the supermarket or my dentists office. Cell phone yes, laptop no.

If Apple stumbles on this one, what would it do to their bottom line and more importantly their stock price. How much of ipad success is baked into APPL @$200? I have no idea how to figure this out.

Mike in Nola Says:

Pogue’s piece is written like a true fanboi: “keep the faith til it comes out; Steve will lead you to salvation in the end.”

Of course there will be plenty of fanbois who will line up around the block to buy it when it comes out. They’ll buy anytthing Steve tells them to. I’m sure this will cost my brother in law $1k for the so called maxipad with the accessories, many of which are extra. But it will keep his college-age daughter from whining. Will it sell beyond the base? Doubt it. People forget that even Steve has had some flops, like the ipod high fi and Apple TV.

It’s not a reasonably necessary item like a phone, or a relavitively cheap item like an ipod or even a touch. It’s not even a new type of item. There have been Windows tablets for almost a decade and there are new, slicker ones coming out. There Android tablets. There’s kindle software that wil run on Windows XP thru Wn7 and even Linux. and most mobile device, including the iphone. The kindle software does color already. And you can read while your email, twitter, messenger and whatever else you want is running in the background. No multitasking yet for the iphone OS, although I suspect it’ll be forced upon the ipad by competition.

But it does have that great Apple innovation for mobile devices: cut and paste

Gizmodo, which is generally favorable to Apple (as shown by the disclaimer to keep Steve from stomping them to death) published a pretty obvious list of deficiences:
And that is some of the gentler criticism.

changnao Says:

I don’t understand why anyone reads Pogue, he sounds as if there’s nothing Apple can do wrong and proclaims everything they’ve done to be The Best Thing Ever. I first read his review on Snow Leopard and couldn’t believe the lack of any mention on the bad parts of it.

Oh that’s right…he makes money off of Apple doing well.

“Over the past few weeks, New York Times tech journalist David Pogue has been singled out as someone with a conflict of interest to the extent that he makes a living publishing books about tech software like OS X, while at the same time, he’s tasked with objectively reviewing them.”

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