Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ahead Of The Game

Barry Ritholtz: Hey look, I know we are in a *deflationary environment, but this is getting pretty ridiculous:

The Sylvania Blu-ray Disc Player (NB530SLX) in full 1080p, originally listed at $199.99 is now $89.99 at Amazon.

I know nothing about this machine, other than the reviews I read (which are pretty good), or who makes it for Sylvania. I am sure there are better, more expensive machines.

But $90? Jeez, that is practically free.

arthur.i Says:

I have to agree with a few of the comments above – $90.00 is not free when two billion people live on less than two dollars a day. The price of this blue-ray player would feed a family of 4 for a month in many places around the world. Mr. Ritholtz it is nice to be wealthy, no doubt you deserve and have earned your position in our society. Let us all try to remember that we are the lucky ones.

I only download my media. Films, TV shows, News, Music, Books Magazine, Newspapers. Everything. It is so convenient, easy and takes up no shelf space. Once you start your digital library you will never go back to the old school hard hardware world.

Sony is having a rough time of it. They finally win the the high def war and feel good about erasing some of the shame from the decades old betamax/VHS defeat and poof the market moves to a place where they are not.

In Japan (I watch a lot of NHK TV in English, streaming video) there is a national pastime called Kingyo Sukui. It is a festival game that mixes gambling and pet shopping with a little bit of fishing too. You have a bowl and small scoop which is made of very thin paper. The object is to scoop the goldfish out of the tub and into a bowl without breaking the paper. There are masters of this ’sport’ who can scoop up a tiny goldfish in seconds. The secret is to place the thin delicate rice paper in front of the fish and let it swim onto it and at that moment gently pick up the little creature. Most people logically chase the fish from behind which makes the fish scurry away and then it becomes very difficult to catch. To succeed at this one must anticipate where the fish is going to go and be there at the moment it does.

I think Sony has been chasing the market since their Walkman days.

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