Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama What?

Art: I really am not happy that President Obama asked G.W .Bush to help out with Haiti.about an hour ago ·

Yvonne Prinz: I like your thoughts on this (sic.).

Art: It feels a bit like a little pardon for Bush. Why are we not prosecuting him for crimes against humanity? The war monger himself is spearheading (along with 'Monica Lewinsky' Clinton) the charitable relief effort. Where is the change in the "Change You Can Believe In"?

Amber: So true, Arthur.

Richard: the forces arrayed against that change are too powerful - the multi-national corporations and their toadies, the ignorant know-it-alls have so shaped the perception of the American pubilc that the leaders can do little more than preside over the "Decline and fall...". I wish I could be more optimistic. The vitality on the planet is shifting to ... Seoul, Singapore, etc. and America is being left to expend its precious energy on holy wars. We can remember how it used to be, but how can we restore that vitality by only looking in the rear view mirror????

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