Thursday, January 7, 2010

De Tracy

Why You In My Grill?

Me: Getting attacked is the only way Americans learn about geography.

Sylvia When ever there is a crisis in another Country they call on America! Your provocative tone is a bit much for me but I will not respond to your hate baiting anymore! I am deleting you today!

Sylvia: Most ofyour postings are pretty cool but I will not accept this anymore, it borderlines on ideology.

Deb: Geography is not a required high school course any more. Sad, but true.

Me: Sylvia, you have busted me. I am an ideologue. In the original sense - Destutt de Tracy, 1796.

Let us talk of these things, right and wrong, good and bad, pleasant and putrid . To disagree is uncomfortable and yet to have the ability to disagree affords our society a great protection from tyranny.

You and I don't always see eye to eye. There is nothing wrong with that, for I have much to learn from you as I hope you from me....

I am always enlightened and encouraged for you to disagree with me.

I appreciate your point of view and would feel diminished to be deleted by you. If you do feel this is necessary, I here and now accept your decision unequivocally.


Me: Deb, sad and true. True, true.

Richard: telling the truth publically has never been a formula for popularity nor even survival at times. Your reply was gracioso.

Suzie: sadly, this is true

Sylvia: I will wait and stay with you Arthur, I know that you are American as well, our Country is going through a very difficult time with security issues and today in 14 minutes The President will be speaking on the horrrible averted attack on Christmas, so if I am abit edgy and over all of the Murderers trying to kill us because we are American.then I ...
apologize for my visceral response. I am done with all of the hate-paranoid speech that seems to be thrown our way by Americans and Non-Americans. You have the right to express yourself, but if it isn't always welcomed by the Reader, then we can put the reading down/away. You seem honest enough to me and your intellect is documented on my page. I will continue to post it. Peace

Sheila: What about watching the Amazing Race? That's a learning

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