Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Come To Spain


Megan Rebecca: hi uncle Arthur how are you?
how long are you in Spain for this year?

Arthur: We will be here until end of March, then on to the East Coast until mid-June or so and then we are going to visit the Moon.

Noelle is going to be in England until end of February ( one month silent meditation retreat).

And how are your studies going?

Megan Rebecca: that sounds great. Ashley and I both have the same spring break this year March 8th to the 17th and was thinking about visiting.!!
school is going great so far. Just started again this week and i love it so far!!

Arthur Imparato Well that may be possible. Have you looked into flights? What does your mom and dad think? Is Ashley up for this too?

Megan Rebecca I'm going to start looking soon. mom and dad are perfectly fine with it and ash too of course!

Megan Rebecca actually my break is the 5th to the 15th

Arthur Imparato You will need to fly from Florida to Jerez de la Frontera or Seville, Spain. Probably from Orlando, Miami or Tampa. Let me know what are the dates and the $$$. Most likely you will need to change planes in Madrid. Miami to Madrid is very popular and then from Madrid there are mucho mucho planes to Jerez de la Frontera.

I love to have you and Ashley visit. I just wish it would be for a year or more so that you would be able to assimilate Spanish culture and European values better. A week what will you be able to learn? We shall see...

Having said that, this is my gift to you and Ashely for graduating. ... See More

I love you both,


PS: Megan Rebecca: Wow so how long will we be flying. But Thank you soo glad we both graduated lol i am veryyyy excited i wish i could stay longer than a week but that is all we have i will try and learn as much as possible in that time i think i can do it. Mom just said its okay to go and so did dad. i will start looking for flights now.
Love you too!!


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