Sunday, February 7, 2010

1984 / 2.0

We Shall Overcome

Tom Geddie has a FB friend, Allison, who just called herself a weapon of mass consumption; says she was programmed to function that way.

Libbi Bosworth likes this.

Arthur Imparato well, she may consume herself before too long...

Betsy Burnam These days, way too many people are weapons of mass consumption; I assume your friend (perhaps) meant food? MOST of us consume much more than we actually NEED, products, services, things we don't need, just....STUFF. We buy into that mindset (literally) & have to de-program ourselves - there are limited resources in the world, we keep forgetting that. (OK, off soap box now.)

Paul Brown That's nuthin'.. I'M a "leading economic indicator".... at least around my house...

Dorothy Hamm Yes on the programming...all those jewelry and flower ads for Valentines Day...outgrowth of the valentine's cards we had to buy and address and put in a fish bowl in class in Crossroads, Texas circa 1950.

Arthur Imparato Propaganda is a powerful tool of the people who are in control.

Perhaps we all should re-read or read Nineteen Eighty-Four.

When will we wake up? When are dreams become nightmares...

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