Sunday, February 7, 2010


Is As Cool Does

Betsy Burnam Birth Of The Blues! This is just plain fun!

This show is at Kiel Opera House in St Louis June 1965..Carson hosted.... Carson had the Tonight Show. The Rat Pack were playing Vegas. This is supposed to be the ONLY time Carson sang in public. Quincy Jones was conducting the Basie band, and he is visible in the backgrou.nd. Do Not miss this performance………….it should make your day (if you're as old as I am!

Sylvia Adcock Gilbreath like this.

Arthur Imparato Great and priceless clip.

Sylvia Adcock Gilbreath This is too good not to share! Including your comments! Love it!
42 minutes agoArthur Imparato I have been sharing it for over seven hours...It is all to be shared, nothing is worth keeping.

Betsy Burnam Only keep something so you can continue to give it away & share it. Especially music! Music belongs to everyone (regardless of what the labels & music publishers say).

Arthur Imparato Tru dat.

Music, film, books, ideas, thought, feelings, images, smells, pain, sound, etc. - we all own this together. The only thing that I own alone is my loneliness.

Patti Patton SUCH fun, Betsy! Brought lots of smiles and reminded me of how much I miss seeing/hearing all of them perform. And I agree with Sylvia about your commentary.

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