Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Does It Feel

This Is Near Where The Rubber Meets The Road

(This is Sarah Palin, on the right, according to the left, if she were to win in 2012, campaigning for her second term - 2016)

Cute very often turns into shit. You been there, you done that.

Will Durst Sarah Palin had crib notes inked on her hand while giving a speech where she criticized Obama for using a teleprompter. Hypocrite, or retro- techno geek?

Lisa Recker Master Thespian!

Elizabeth Masloff she was in my back yard yesterday....wonder who I know that went?

Kathy Thompson She was just going un-plugged. It didn't work so good for her with Guitar Hero, either.

Jamie Waterman "Corpse-man".

Arthur Imparato She uses a cheat-sheet to remember her core principles. We knew she was an idiot, but..good grief.

Toni Eis Original palm pilot...

Thaddeus Maximus It's a new twist on talk to the hand.

Jamie Waterman Ok....which would you rather have? A political commentator who makes a couple of crib notes on their hand, or a President who can't seem to be able to say hello without a Teleprompter? Thought so. On the other hand......this President can't even pronounce "Corpseman" WITH the Teleprompter!! And yet MSNBC and every dolt out there wants to make a big deal out of some hand written notes. Sad how the far left has become so out of touch.

Jamie Waterman Considering Palin is just a commentator and not running for anything I don't see why so many on the left get so worked up over her. It obviously can't be because they see her as a threat, do they?

Miles Doug Kehoe She relied on a few key prompt words as compared to almost total dependence on a teleprompter. She made eye contact with her audience as well. I'd say advantage Palin.
Why isn't the press all over Obama fo saying "corose man" ? Why aren't comics all over Obama for saying "corpse man"? Perhaps they are... or will be...

Thaddeus Maximus So let me see if I've got this straight, @Jamie and @Miles would prefer President Palin over President Obama?!?!?! I think you guys are looking for the Dennis Miller fan page.

Jamie Waterman Thaddeus, I never said that and only a moron would get that from my post. Palin is a COMMENTATOR only, and that's pretty much all she should aspire to at this point. I do, however, take issue with those who fawn all over Obama and think he's so intelligent when he cannot even say "corpsman" correctly. THe media would have been all over Palin, or G.... See MoreW. Bush, for that matter, if they mispronounced it. THAT hypocracy is what I have a problem with, and the point that you seem to be missing.
Hope you understood that because I really can't explain it any simpler for the morons who don't get that.

Thaddeus Maximus Wow @Jamie, you revel in the loquacious A-hole role eh?

Jamie Waterman Gee, Thad, and here I thought you could do better than that. Sorry to have overestimated you and your intelligence.

Thaddeus Maximus Jamie smites me, I must go and weep.

Miles Doug Kehoe Thaddeus, you a little boy who needs a government to take care of him. Some day you might grow up to be a real boy and understand concepts like Freedom, Liberty and Limited Government. Someday you may have real heroes like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison instead of Big Government people like Obama, who will confiscate from others to provide for you. Perhaps you can join the co-dependant party :)

Thaddeus Maximus Still weeping... mostly from the laughing.

Miles Doug Kehoe As we are laughing at you :) Who's taking care of the little boy tonight? Government going to tuck you in Thaddy? Government going to fight your fights tomorrow? There, there Thaddy, Big Government will take care of you :)

19 hours agoThaddeus Maximus Wonders why you two toadies are here? Thinking someone here is going to have an epiphany and come around to your myopic point of view? Good luck with that...

18 hours agoMiles Doug Kehoe The concepts of Liberty, Freedom, Independence, Justice and Limited Government are far from myopic. Hard to be a toadie when one believes in individualism.

18 hours agoMiles Doug Kehoe And as far as people having an epiphany, I'd take a closer look at Massachusetts Thaddy!

Jamie Waterman Thaddeus, I am not trying to convert anyone, especially someone, like yourself, who's consumed too much of the Kool-Aid. I am just pointing out the liberal hypocrisy. It's just too bad that people like you (And to some extent, Will, although I know he's a comedian/commentator, so it's to be expected) cannot seem to see or understand that. Instead, you get all pissy when someone like Miles or I point it out and yet offer nothing substantive to back up your bull$hit. To people like you, Obama can do no wrong and will keep screaming "He's only been in office (insert relevant amount of time here)! We just need to give him more time!!!" and will continue to scream that months if not years after he leaves office.
The ball is in Obama's court and has been for over a year, and that year he's accomplished little to nothing at all.
You can whine that it's all the fault of the evil Republicans, but then you fail to acknowledge that Democrats have squandered the biggest majority in recent history. You cannot put that on Republicans. You cannot polish a turd, and that's pretty much what Dems presented in the health care bill, so far Obama's larges policy failure. Never in recent history has one side so solidified against the other. Once again you cannot put that on Republican shoulders.
Now, with all that, do I hope to change any minds? Of course not, as your mind is made up.
Thankfully, for the rest of us, there are many in the electorate who still think for themselves and I guarantee you you'll see that in November. ...ANd, to quote Sarah Palin..."Hows that Hopey Changy stuff workin' out for ya'?"

Thaddeus Maximus Hopes you are getting paid by the word.

17 hours agoSue Ann Smith @Will, I was bemused that she had to remind herself about tax cuts.

17 hours agoElizabeth Masloff so Jamie what do you do for a living, just curious?

15 hours agoRon Farnsworth Somebody told me that Jonnie Carson used to write notes on his hand all of the time. Remember how he used to shield his eyes from the lights whenever he would look up into the audience?

13 hours agoRichard Quintanilla

Arthur Imparato The government has been massively failing its people. It all started with with Ronald Reagan. Clinton was a joke. Bush was the worst President in the history of this country. Obama is not doing what was hoped of him. The entire congress has become a frozen block of sh*t, unable even to pretend anymore to do something. And now, even the Supreme Court has gone off the rails and handed Big Business something that they themselves never dreamed would be possible. We have no one representing the people of this country. No one. We are all alone now.

People who look to Palin to ride in on a white stallion and "fix what's wrong" with this nation are imbeciles and nincompoops. They lack any semblance of actual intelligence on an level.

Palin is a great threat to our nation. She would make GWB look like a rocket scientist. She is a spineless self-serving trollop, a real media whore. The Palin's are dirty rotten liars, they think they can fool us with their bullsh*t. They remind me of balloon boy's parents. ... See More

She is dangerous because really stupid people like her and most of our country is made up of dumb fat uneducated slobs. She herself is dishonest, foolish and self-centered. She is a moron and potentially capable of leading a band of brainless nincompoops to a place that we do not want to see nor even know about.

While we all get spun around about teleprompters and words written on hands, our nation is coming apart at the seams. The people in Washington, all of them from both sides of the aisle are failing their country. They are all owned, lock stock a barrel by Big Business. And believe me, Big Business loves us to fight over word assisted aids.

Michael Iapoce Waterman, your argument is truly laughable. Obama HAS been in office just a year, during which he's gotten absolutely no cooperation from Republicans on anything. Want to talk about hypocrisy? Republicans are now voting against bills they orginally co-sponsored! Once Obama is for it, they're against it--and screw principles, the American people, and anything else other than political gain. And how about Republicans taking credit for local stimulus projects after they voted against the stimulus? (Some Republican should write a book--"Profiles in Cowardice"). Bush had eight years to destroy the economy--and did a heck of a job. He inherited a budget SURPLUS and quickly turned it into the biggest deficit in history with tax cuts for the wealthiest and a war based on lies. The economy has already begun to turn around...but it will take more than a year to undo the Bush damage.

Elizabeth Masloff Clintons war plan is like his sex life, wham bam thank you mam...and then let's talk about it forever!-The Bushs are always at war-- from day never ends...which one do you want?

Arthur Imparato A country divided serves only our Overlords, They Who Have All The Money.

Wake Up. Please, for the children.

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