Saturday, February 6, 2010

This Is Not A Movie

Reality Bites

Lynda Obst thinks that people who are furious that Barack couldn't change the world in a year shouldn't try making a movie.

Brian Dannelly Ha!

Alicia Mayer excellent point

Marjorie Lewis Agreed!

Stephen Verona Great line. I will quote you.

Paula Diane Silver you are so right. bravo

Lauren Lloyd lol...couldnt agree more!!!

Lynda Obst "Seriously,Lynda-what's wrong with you. It's been a year, and you only got a script to show for it?!? Only now you're going to directors!! I'm jaded."

Lynda Obst Plus you might have to compromise on a few scenes!

Arthur Imparato Not wishing to be out of accord, but I would like to add that Pres. Obama is not producing or directing a film. He has been tasked to save the world. His catch phrase was and I quote "Change".

I love the guy. I want the change. We all do. I think he does too.

Many are called, few are chosen. This is not a movie....It is a tad more serious than box office reciepts.

He is surrounded my malcontents and nincompoops. Start there with his change.

Lynda Obst all process is similar, his is harder. there are entrenched forces, much to do visa vis every problem. if you;ve ever tried to change something that many people are involved with, you know that change is not one two three change. look how long it took to pass a civil rights bill; many people had to die including jfk, and congress wasnt so ... See Moredysfunctional and the economy wasnt on the verge of collapse. look how the republicans and lobbyists are lined up to stop bank reform from happening, just to stop what just happened before our eyes. We dont even see what was already done.. I am stunned by the impatience.

Arthur Imparato Tru dat, Linda. Your point is a good one. Part of the impatience coming from the general public is that they have been lied to and cheated by Washington for so long. Unfortunately Obama has inherited a whole lot of bad will.

I think his greatest strength is that people genuinely like/love him. That is very powerful. I think he could use that tool better.

IMO, he needs to bring on board his administration people who have not spent their lives in the muck and mire of politics. He really needs to fire some, let go many others and reach out to smart, 'radical' and innovative people who would bring fresh ideas, and alternative ways of going about ushering in change. America is full of unbelievably intelligent creative people. All he has to do is pick up the phone and most would come running to help. He likes to hear both sides. That is a great quality of his. Now he has to choose a side, and fight tooth and nail to make it happen.... See More

Besides Obama, who else in his administration would anyone say they liked? Maybe Elizabeth Warren, and she is fairly marginalized by the Summers/Geithner/Bernanke cabal. Who else?

I believe the vast majority of America is ready to stand up for this man. He just needs to stand strong for what we all know in our hearts is true and correct. People are not as stupid as those in D.C. think.

Lauren Lloyd lynda...lauren lloyd here..i want you to host a show on my new media platform be awesome and all those fantastic opinions should be SEEN and heard

Lynda Obst I always love when you call me.

xo lauren
i mean it check it out..i'll be calling you

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