Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Are Alone

A Nation In Peril

The government has been massively failing its people. It all started with with Ronald Reagan. Cliinton was a joke. Bush was the worst President in the history of this country. Obama is not doing what was hoped of him. The entire congress has become a frozen block of sh*t, unable even to pretend anymore to do something. And now, even the Supreme Court has gone off the rails and handed Big Business something that they themselves never dreamed would be possible. We have no one representing the people of this country. No one. We are all alone now.

People who look to Palin to ride in on a white stallion and "fix what's wrong" with this nation are imbeciles and nincompoops. They lack any semblance of actual intelligence on an level.

Palin is a great threat to our nation. She would make GWB look like a rocket scientist. She is a spineless self-serving trollop, a real media whore. The Palin's are dirty rotten liars, they think they can fool us with their bullsh*t. They remind me of balloon boy's parents.

She is dangerous because really stupid people like her and most of our country is made up of dumb fat uneducated slobs. She herself is dishonest, foolish and self-centered. She is a moron and potentially capable of leading a band of brainless cheerleaders and dopes to a place that we do not want to see nor even know about.

While we all get spun around about teleprompters and words written on hands, our nation is coming apart at the seams. The people in Washington, all of them from both sides of the aisle are failing their country. They are all owned, lock stock a barrel by Big Business. Believe me, Big Business loves us to fight over word assisted aids.

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