Thursday, February 4, 2010


Mean Spirits

Virginia Ivy I have an acquaintance that just died suddenly. He was gay. The deceased was in a committed relationship for THIRTY FIVE YEARS. (mostly in the closet b/c his family would not accept the truth) The deceased's relatives are just now arriving to town. They are going for the deceased property and they can of course, b...ecause he had no "spouse." >Imagine the surviving partner's place in the greiving process right now.

Kate Doster oh my word, i am so sorry to read this. it is pitiful how self righteous some people can be. god bless that man and his surviving partner.

Catherine Aurelio Very sad Virginia. Breaks my heart. We all need to keep voting and writing our elected officials so that injustices like this stop...soon.

Virginia Ivy hard enough to deal with a loss.. but to be ostrcized by the blood relatives and have almost no legal rights? We can't change the relative's feelings, but we can change the law.

Catherine Aurelio yes we can...and we should and I hope that our collective efforts stop this stuff from happening. It really just sucks on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin.

Robby Johnston ouch....

Marina Pakis I'm sorry for your loss.
Mamie Pang Spain So terribly's to changing the laws...

Arthur Imparato Mans cruelty to his fellow man never ceases to shock and surprise me and yet I am always hoping and imagining that tomorrow things will be different.

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