Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Niece

Gentile Is The Cure

Megan Rebecca Another sleepless night.

Arthur Imparato why?

Megan Rebecca i can never sleep at night i think im an insomniac.

Arthur Imparato or perhaps a vampire?

Megan Rebecca
haha. yess that could be a possibility

Arthur Imparato
do you like to drink blood?

Megan Rebecca of coursee!

Arthur Imparato when you touch your skin is it very very cold?

Megan Rebecca
haha. it is actually

Arthur Imparato if you think of your fondest memory is it of a snowman?

Megan Rebecca hmm i cant recall

Arthur Imparato OK, does it appear to be white?

Megan Rebecca yesss lol

Arthur Imparato is it bigger then a bread box?

Megan Rebecca not quite confused lol

Arthur Imparato OK...breathe. Take a breath. Is it something that you could not live without?

Megan Rebecca i cant live without it

Arthur Imparato so it is something you need?

Megan Rebecca yess.

Arthur Imparato what happens to us when we need something? In our heart?

Megan Rebecca i have no clue this is hard lol

Arthur Imparato life is hard. that is why we are here. OK, more simple - if you were really really thirsty after a long walk, would you prefer a soda or a coke?

Megan Rebecca pepsi!

Arthur Imparato sprite or 7up?

Megan Rebecca sprite

Arthur Imparato if you ordered an ice cream sundae and they forgot to put a cherry on top what would you do?

Megan Rebecca i would just eat without it

Arthur Imparato would you say something to the server?

Megan Rebecca no probably not.

Arthur Imparato Would you tell your best friend what happened?

Megan Rebecca No because that wouldnt be that important

Arthur Imparato if they served you this ice cream sundae without any ice cream would that matter to you?

Megan Rebecca Of course thats the purpose of a sundae

Arthur Imparato So for you it is important to have ice cream in your sundae but not necessarily with a cherry on top?

Megan Rebecca yess.

Arthur Imparato If it was served to you on a plate instead of in a bowl, how would you feel about that?

Megan Rebecca i would ask for a bowl. if they dont have one accept the plate. icecream is icecream whatever it is served on

Arthur Imparato tru dat

Megan Rebecca Lol

Arthur Imparato Let's talk a little bit about the utensils now...

Arthur Imparato Fork or spoon?

Megan Rebecca i prefer a spoon

Arthur Imparato Soup or coffee?

Megan Rebecca Coffee

Arthur Imparato Wood or metal?

Megan Rebecca Metal

Arthur Imparato silver or stainless steel?

Megan Rebecca Silver

Arthur Imparato silver or stainless steal?

Megan Rebecca Spoon

Arthur Imparato sorry about that...the thing jumped twice

Megan Rebecca Its okay

Arthur Imparato would you want this silver spoon to be engraved or smooth?

Megan Rebecca Engraved

Arthur Imparato Would you use this engraved silver spoon to eat your ice cream with out the cherry on top with your hand or foot?

Megan Rebecca Yes

Arthur Imparato yes?

Megan Rebecca yes i would use the engraved spoon

Arthur Imparato Would you use this engraved silver spoon to eat your ice cream with out the cherry on top with your hand or foot?

Arthur Imparato Megan?

Arthur Imparato Are you still awake???

20 hours later

Megan Rebecca haha.. hand

Arthur Imparato did you fall asleep last night?

Megan Rebecca Yes lol

Arthur Imparato you can say thank you Uncle Arthur...

Megan Rebecca thank you uncle arthur for curing my insomnia

Arthur Imparato well you are not cured but you do respond well to hypnosis...something to look into perhaps for your difficulties with falling asleep...

Megan Rebecca i should sounds very interesting.

Arthur Imparato The main hindrance in falling asleep is thinking. Thinking is a very stimulating exercise. You burn a lot of calories takes physical effort and any physical effort of course excites the metabolism and therefore is not sleep conductive.

Just try something as simple as counting sheep. Maybe not literally, but let your mind wonder ...

over subjects and images that are pleasant and easy and don't contain conflict or anxiety or decision making. Have fun with your imagination in a gentle non-exciting way, something peaceful and simple.

Did you like Avatar?

Megan Rebecca that is very true. i think i do to much thinking at night.

Arthur Imparato well it is fantastic that you think so well and you may wish to think at a time that is not involved with your need for rest and this could afford a moment of rest for you that would actually increase you abilities to think with a great strength.

I am very proud to be your uncle, my only complaint is that I do not know you better.

Arthur Imparato hey, did you like Avatar?

Megan Rebecca And i am very thankful that you are my uncle! which also means im taking your advice in going to Spain in the summer because dad told me that u said there are lots more to do and i will be able to spend more than just a week!!

and i have not seen avatar yet.

Arthur Imparato WTF??? You have not seen Avatar? WTF!!!???

Arthur Imparato you should come for the whole summer maybe like five months...

Megan Rebecca i have not. i decided to just wait till video.

Arthur Imparato go see this film...i am planning on moving to may be interested in coming with me?

Megan Rebecca i would if my summer was 5 months long lol. its not even 3 months long

Megan Rebecca where is pandora?

Arthur Imparato well maybe it is best you just spend the entire year here.

Pandora, as everyone on the entire planet currently knows is very very far another galaxy. It takes over, like, I don't even remember..28 years to fly there at light speed. Do you know how fast light travels?

Megan Rebecca Wow well that is a really long time and it is said that light travels about 186287 miles per second.

Arthur Imparato that's why I love you

Arthur Imparato you know the speed of light

Megan Rebecca i love you too.
and i kinda googled it lol.

Arthur Imparato go see Avatar...spring for the 10 bucks...I'll happilly send it to you if needed.

Arthur Imparato I also love you because you know how to google and you are honest...

Megan Rebecca is it still playing in theaters though?

Megan Rebecca ahah yess well i Google everything lol.

Arthur Imparato me thinks yes

Megan Rebecca Then i will consider seeing it!!

Arthur Imparato well consider this...when you fall asleep this evening all in the world will be yours and all will be at peace.

Arthur Imparato are you still living at home? I want to send you something...

Megan Rebecca Thank youu i like that!!
and yes i still live at home.. i will be living here for ever lol

Arthur Imparato well if we who are in this world were to be as lucky as you we would all live at home forever...

Megan Rebecca yess true. but i soon hope to be out on my own of course after i get a decent job.

Arthur Imparato jobs are tricky things...the three most important things for getting a job that satisfies you is 1) education 2) education 3) education. End of story.

Megan Rebecca haha that is veryy true and i am working on that education right now.

Arthur Imparato you go girl !!!

Megan Rebecca Thank youu! =)

Arthur Imparato It is I that now and here say thanks to you for you are the next generation and much will be asked of you. Thank you for carrying on.

Megan Rebecca and i in reply can only say Your welcome i will do my best!

Arthur Imparato I know that to be true and your best will be good enough.

PS: Let me know what you think of Avatar...

Megan Rebecca I will try and see it soon and surely let you know!

Arthur Imparato
cool dat

Megan Rebecca haha yess cool dat lol

Arthur Imparato tru dat 2

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