Saturday, February 6, 2010


Start Here And Now

EeKs Stair
That was such a great video. :) Thanks for sharing.... maybe I should start a tribe...hmmm... ;)

Arthur Imparato you have started a tribe...that is what is so powerful about this media.

EeKs Stair Well, shit. Let me bring out the feathers!!!

Arthur Imparato What do you know about wampum?

Are you really from a place called Trucksville?

EeKs Stair wampum? Nothing. lol. What should I know? And, yes...I'm from Trucksville. lol. I know- how bad is that name? If name were destiny....

Arthur Imparato well the Europeans used wampum (native American shell necklaces and strings) as money because the Indians put great value on these objects. I thought if you were going to "bring out the feathers" I perhaps could purchase you with the wampum...

"Wampum is used for engagement, marriage, and betrothal agreements, as well as for ceremony and condolence ceremonies. In earlier centuries, Lenape girls would wear wampum to show their eligibility for marriage. After marriage had been arranged, a Lenape suitor would give his fiancé and her family gifts of wampum."

I may be beating this tribe thing to death...

Trucksville is a great name of a place to be from. It would be great if you were to become a singer, or a astronaut.

EeKs Stair lol. I only know how to write and play the violin! Used to sing just in the shower and on roadtrips. ;)

Arthur Imparato are you studying to be a doctor?

EeKs Stair that's the plan.... studying medicine- but hopefully find a different outlet to use it in :) I plan on being creative about it. :)

Arthur Imparato That is truly fantastic. What a great thing to do. IMO, to help another person is the coolest thing you can do. And to be a doctor offers you an extraordinary opportunity to help others in a remarkable and critical fashion. This is very good of you.

What year are you in?

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