Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second Life


-- Instant message logging enabled --
cella thanks

Artangle thank you


cella good night, and have a nice day ^^ see you next

Artangle sweet dreams

cella i think you are very smart

Artangle that is because it is you who are the intelligent one...dram is good for the soul
Artangle dreaming that is
cella wow beautiful words

Artangle you are kind as well, thank you

cella i wish i will talk with you more next time
Artangle i will be sitting here, right here for a very long time

Artangle i will not move, perhaps for eternity

cella you are cute^^
Artangle no it is you who are adorable
cella whats adorable?

Artangle lovely

cella oh i see

Artangle do you speak Japanese?

cella yes of course
Artangle I am sorry that I do not
cella thats ok

Artangle it would be better if I did
cella ^^

Artangle do you know what an alligator is?

cella a kind of animals

Artangle you may dream of one tonight...

Artangle yes, it is an animal

Artangle he can help you...
cella : how?

Artangle protection

Artangle and humor

cella its interesting

cella oh i see

Artangle as is our lives

Artangle sleep the sleep of the just
Artangle here and now

cella ^^

cella your words is something like a poem

Artangle again you are too kind

Artangle i think life is like a poem...it is our choice

cella i see...

Artangle i see you

cella lol
cella if you may, please tell me your age
Artangle 55

cella ^^ i am still 21
Artangle that is a wonderful age

cella i must learn more

Artangle you must live more
cella lol ^^^ you are happy man

Artangle yes, tru dat

[12:25] Artangle Aquila: life is a wonderful place to be
[12:26] Artangle Aquila: i imagine you to be a muscian of great power
[12:26] cella Ellsmere: thank you so much
[12:26] cella Ellsmere: i must know more about human and this workd
[12:27] cella Ellsmere: not only Sl but also real
[12:27] Artangle Aquila: SL is not real and yet we can make contact that can be helpful
[12:28] Artangle Aquila: life will teach you all that you will nedd
[12:28] cella Ellsmere: yes i think so too,
[12:28] Artangle Aquila: 21, and already so smart
[12:28] cella Ellsmere: but i think that Sl is not so different from real
[12:29] Artangle Aquila: correct
[12:29] cella Ellsmere: comunication is similor in real
[12:29] cella Ellsmere: same
[12:29] Artangle Aquila: tru dat
[12:30] cella Ellsmere: i think Sl is a good way to have a chance to talk with forigner
[12:30] Artangle Aquila: yes
[12:30] Artangle Aquila: and that can be good
[12:30] Artangle Aquila: cross cultural exchange
[12:30] Artangle Aquila: ideas shared
[12:30] cella Ellsmere: yes thats right
[12:31] Artangle Aquila: it is almost 5:30 AM for you...what time do you have to wake up?
[12:31] cella Ellsmere: 10:00
[12:31] Artangle Aquila: that leave you 4.5 for sleep
[12:31] cella Ellsmere: short nap , right?
[12:31] Artangle Aquila: yes
[12:31] Artangle Aquila: is that enough?
[12:32] cella Ellsmere: but dont worry about it, i have already slept before
[12:32] Artangle Aquila: oh good
[12:32] cella Ellsmere: ^^yes
[12:32] Artangle Aquila: sleep is very important
[12:33] cella Ellsmere: yes , but sometimes Sl had taken much times off from us
[12:33] Artangle Aquila: tru dat
[12:33] cella Ellsmere: how about you?
[12:34] Artangle Aquila: for me, it is 9:34 PM in Spain...
[12:34] Artangle Aquila: so i will go to be in a few hours
[12:34] Artangle Aquila: and wake up wth the sun
[12:34] cella Ellsmere: excellent
[12:35] cella Ellsmere: you will live longer
[12:35] Artangle Aquila: if you do dream of an alligator...please come back here and tell me what happens....
[12:35] cella Ellsmere: its my pleasure
[12:35] cella Ellsmere: ^^
[12:35] Artangle Aquila: thank you
[12:36] cella Ellsmere: see you cool man
[12:36] Artangle Aquila: dream the dreams of kings and sleep the sleep of peasants
[12:36] Artangle Aquila: ciao
[12:36] cella Ellsmere: ^^

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