Sunday, February 7, 2010

Emma Louise

This No Fool

Arthur Imparato This is a young unkown Australian artist. It is raw. This is what it can look like before something happens:

Emma Louise Fantastic new(ish) originaly recorded by Melody Gardot, a very talented singer and songwriter...Got a lovely suprise on my birthday last week when mum gave me a concert ticket to go and see Melody, Madeliene Peyroux and Diana Krall in March!!!! Three out of my top five isn't bad, right?!

Hanja Kochansky likes this.

Heidi Volmer Wow... now this is the music that I love... she will go far!!!

Heidi Volmer smiles, this is now the tenth time ive listened to it... wow!! Dejavu...

Richard J. Nadeau Wow, my friend has to hear her sing..... I close my eyes and think of 1940's singing clubs. Imagine the potential of this womens voice...... Thanks for finding this.

Arthur Imparato Richard, good observation there. Pass the video around, I get the feeling that this young woman may go far...

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