Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Palin's

Please Crawl Back In Your Hole

Arthur Imparato The Palin's are dirty rotten liars, they think they can fool us with their bullsh*t. Reminds me of balloon boy's parents.

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Christy Webster Foltz Preach it, brotha!

Tom Geddie Is she on the Jerry Springer show again?

Arthur Imparato Christy thanks for the encouragement. Tom I don't know if she is or not but I do suspect that Todd Palin is planted firmly up her ass where he belongs.

Dan Pine As with snakeoil salesmen of old, the stunner is not that she would attempt to ply her insufferably insane views and persona on the world; it's that people are buying! Like the circus ringmaster said, you'll never go broke overestimating the stupidity of the American public.

Michael R Dean Ph.D. what can you expect from someone that spent 63 thousand to buy her own book

David Miller-Engel lol....Dan it is the planned dumbing down of America coming to fruition...

Arthur Imparato Dan - Tru dat. Michael, but she gave herself an 30% discount from the retail price - she's no dummy. David, we are many moons away from the harvest of the morons.

Richard J. Nadeau Sarah I am sure is quite the cougar but do we want to lead this nation? I hope to god not!
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Subject: Greetings oh fellow Palin hater!!!!

Welcome aboard, I was scared shitless of the thought of that bitch someday sitting in the White House. After Dubya left office, Mccain and Palin would have been in Iran by now and we would have been fucked. Still cannot figure out why we were in Iraq in the first place. If anything Afghanistan was the place of call but for some reasons a 6 ft 5 inch diabetic Islamic C.I.A. built frontman, this so called architect of 911 escaped 2500 Expert Trained Commandos?
You do not look like a stupid man by any means and do you buy that bullshit?
I was a fucking Marine and trust me I was not good enough to go expiditionary but those who are are the best. America uses it's Military Forces like Lemmings and it pisses me off.
I know people who live in Spain, if things here in my country do not change then it might be a place where I might move too someday....

Arthur Imparato February 7 at 9:49am

Hi Richard,

I don't hate her.

I do think she is a spineless self-serving trollop that deserves to spend eternity in a prison for male sex offenders and sociopaths.

But seriously, I don't hate her. I think she is dangerous because really stupid people like her and she herself is dishonest, foolish and self-centered. She is a moron and potentially capable of leading a band of brainless nincompoops to a place that we do not want to see nor even know about.

Bush was a jackass. A coward, liar and a cheat. What he and Dick Cheney did by putting us in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of the great crimes against society, ours and theirs. IMO, what happened on 911 was a criminal act perpetrated by criminals. To move it into a War framework was madness. I agree with you, the U.S. military could have found Bin Laden, if that was what they were tasked to do. The Bush Cheney years will go down in history in infamy.



Richard sent you a message.

Re: Greetings oh fellow Palin hater!!!!

"very well put!"

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